About Us

     The founder, Dr. Chuang, Hong-Datis a Catholic and a pediatrician. Realizing the helplessness of the parents of children with mental and intellectual disabilities, Dr. Chuang decided to offer his professional service and the spirit of Mother Mary to support such families. From one doctor, a group of parents, and a group of teachers, Maria Social Welfare Foundation was established in 1988 with the support of the society and the government. Due to more needs, responsibilities, and love, Maria Home for People with Complex Needs、Taichung City Love Home、Maria Wufeng Caring Home are founded to take care of individuals with different disabilities.


     In 2003, Maria Social Welfare Foundation has become one of the national non-profit organizations. Since its establishment, our goal is to provide and promote social welfare functions, including medication, rehabilitation, education, occupation with the spirit of ‘endless love.’


     Taking love as a threshold, Maria Social Welfare Foundation has allowed the individuals with mental and intellectual disabilities to be free and to find their life dignity. Serving life is a happy event. We never give up on serving the needs. Accompany with the most professional and complete service, medication and rehabilitation, special education, occupational training, and the community service, from Maria Head Start Program, Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PIMD), and service for the minority in Kinmon Islands, Maria Social Welfare Foundation is a place for integrating love and life education.