How it began

     The founder of Maria Social Welfare Foundation, Doctor Chuang, Hong-Dat is a religious Catholic. He graduated from Kaohsiung Medical University in 1973. In 1975, Dr. Chuang was a physician in Changhua Christian Hospital and was transferred to be trained in Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in National Taiwan University Hospital for three months. This opportunity opened a gate to the intervention of physical and intellectual disabilities. Realizing that Ren-Ai Elementary school specializing in physical and intellectual disabilities needed a professional doctor for physiotherapy, Dr. Chuang then regularly implemented his treatments.

     During the year of 1983, Dr. Chuang realized the inadequate treatment of children with disabilities and the hardship of parents while working as a pediatrician director in Shun-Tian Hospital. He then proposed to the hospital to establish Love the Children Rehab Service  close by and started the rehabilitation for these children.

     In 1986, Dr. Chuang started his own pediatrician clinic and moved Love the Children Rehab Service to the floor above the clinic. Using the afternoon break time, he applied physical therapies to the children and hired one staff. There were 5 children then. By the time in 1988, there were 30 children with disabilities and 5 staffs. Dr. Chuang took care of these children with his own income from the clinic and his professional knowledge. 

     In 1988, a priest called Guo from Australia held a center for children with cerebral palsy in Situn District, Taichung. Because of priest Guo’s retirement, these children with cerebral palsy had no place to turn to. Dr. Chuang received this information through Social Affairs Bureau; he then determined to look after them. Limited as the space, the finance became difficult as well.

     In order to have a more appropriate location and care, Dr. Chuang approached to fund-raising. With the support from the government and society, Maria Foundation and were Maria Home for People with Complex Needs established to offer rehabilitation, education, and welfare services.

     At this moment, there are Maria Home for People with Complex Needs, Maria Wufeng Caring Home, Taichung City Love Homecooperated with Taichung city government since 2002, and Kinmen County Early Intervention Center cooperated with Social Affairs Bureau, Kinmen County for delayed-developed children in surrounding islands in the same year.

     Following the principle of Maria Social Welfare Foundation ‘Never Ending Love’, Maria team work has been serving for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities in aspects of living, medication, education, and occupation. Maria Social Welfare Foundation accompanies people with disabilities with endless passion now and in the future.


   Logo Spirit

   A picture as Madonna del Granduca (mother Mary with baby Jesus)

   reminds Maria team work to serve as if mother’s selfless love.

   May mother Mary bless the weak. The rose flower represents love and beauty.

   May this work of love create a beautiful heaven on earth.


Maria's  Anthem

Different Angels    (Lyrics: Chung, Yun-Ju  Song: Yeh, Thung-An)

Angels of Maria, angels of Maria

Let love be endless

Some angels come to this world too quickly

Flying too fast, flying too fast

He’s dizzy and he bends his wings

Oh…oh oh, different angels

They need more love than others

Oh…oh oh, different angels

Move forward with his hand held

Angels of Maria, angels of Maria

Let love be endless

Some angels come to this world too quickly

Moving with brave, flying with effort

Not scared of wind and rain, heart with love is strong

Oh… oh oh, different angels,

They need more love than others,

Oh… oh oh, different angels,

Move forward with his hand held.



Mission and Vision


     Serve individuals with disabilities with never-ending love to spread God’s Gospel.


  • Establish multiple-service center for disables
  • Become a place for practicing life education
  • Be the model of organizations for individual with disabilities
  • Form a space for integrating love and the society