Skills Development Center
  • Goals

1. To promote and maintain one’s physical and mental functioning, to bring out his/her potential, and to slow down the degeneration or his/her functioning through long-term, continuous care, training and social participation.

2. To provide people with disabilities vocational training, work activities, and activities that promote social participation, leisure, communication, independent living skills etc. Improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by promoting independency.

3. To promote the individual’s potential, establish a positive social role so that he/she may gain respect and human rights. Advocate for equality so that person may have life respect.

4. To promote social integration, diversified services and supportive services, improve the quality of life of people with disabilities so that they may have fulfilling lives.  


  • Service Users

Residents of Taichung City, with a Disability Card, ages 15-65, mostly for people with intellectual disability.


  • Description

1. Person-centered service plan: We set service goals according to the person’s goals and wishes, using practical strategies to help the person achieve his/her dreams, gain a better quality of life, and receive individualized support services in areas of home living activities, community life activities, lifelong learning activities, employment or day activities, health and safety, social activities, protection and advocacy, exceptional medical and exceptional behavioral activities.

2. Work activities training: We arrange appropriate work activities according to the person’s character, specialties and interests. Using assistive devices, job accommodation to increase persons’ activity participation and self-worth. Some of the work activities include gardening, recycling, and papermaking.

3. Multidisciplinary services: We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, language and speech therapy, health checkup, family medicine, rehabilitation, physical education, nutrition consultation, healthy diet, behavioral management, sex education, health education, etc.

4. Community services: We participate in all kinds of community events as a form of community inclusion and gaining positive life experiences.

5. Resources: We provide necessary supportive services, including transportation support, financial assistance, assistive aids, parenting education, and respite services etc.

6. Transportation services: We provide pick-up and drop-off services for families with transportation needs. 


  • Service Hours   Monday to Friday, 08:00~17:00                      
  • Service Address   No.450, Sec.1, Dongxing Rd., Nantun District Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Taichung City Love Home 3rd floor)
  • Contact Info.   Tel:+886-4-24713535 ext. 2206  /  Fax:+886-4-24712624