Maria MaMa Handmade Bakery
  • Goals

Maria MaMa Handmade Bakery aims to uphold the spirit of social businesses through the creation of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It offers sheltered employment for those with strong desire to work but require support. 


  • Service Users

People with disabilities ages 15 and above, who have the desire to work but unable to enter the competitive labor market due to their need for employment support. Sheltered employment placement will be provided after the rehabilitation assessment. 


  • Description

1. We uphold the spirit of social businesses through the creation of sheltered employment opportunities for people with disabilities

2. We protect employees’ employment rights and give necessary benefits. This not only includes employment and health insurance, but also discounts on products made by service users within the foundation, health checkups, traveling perks, employee benefits and bonuses, etc.

We provide individualized support service plans for the employees within the sheltered workshops. Jobs are delegated based on the persons’ strengths and unique character.  To maximize person’s productivity, we provide a wide array of assistive devices (job accommodation). We also help the person gain work knowledge; strengthen stamina; improve problem-solving and social adaptation abilities. Consultation, legal advices, and trainings regarding money management and job adaptation are also provided.  


  • Service Hours  Monday to Friday, 07:30~18:00 
  • Service Address  No.99, Taiwan Blvd. Section 3, Xitun District, Taichung City (R.O.C)
  • Contact Info.  Tel.: +886-4-22517999  /  Fax: +886-4-24715667  /